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Using Bazi (Four Pillars) to change your destiny. It utilizing the 5 primordial elements to analyze your lifeline for 10 years cycle predetermined. The calculation of the 5 primordial elements will decide your fate. With changes in replacement of what element(s) you are lacking will help to change your life.

Authentic Bazi prediction for your destiny utilizing the relationship between the 5 elements productive & destructive cycles. Unlike the fortune telling method of using celestial formations of stars and planets whereas Bazi based on elements of Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood.

Productive cycle of 5 elements

- Fire > Earth > Metal > Water > Wood

Destructive cycle of 5 elements

- Water > Fire > Metal > Wood > Earth

Bazi is using individual birthdate and gender to input into the metaphysical formula matrix to derive the output combination chart of the 5 elements that will be influencing you. This chart will tell the story of your personal fate and destiny in part of 10 years cycle. This is classified under the Four Pillars of Destiny.

Definition of Four Pillars of Destiny where your birthdate will output the chart for Hour, Day, Month & Year's pillars represented by individual element. It consists of 2 different pillars namely Heavenly Stem and Earthly Branch. For personal self, it is categorized as the Day Pillar on the Heavenly Stem Chart. Reading this Chart will reveal your strength and weakness in reference to the individual element combination. It reveals the entire life of a person from the day you are born as well as your future that is yet to come.

How accurate the Bazi chart reveals will depend on the interpretation of the Feng Shui Bazi master in relation to his/her experiences to relate the elements that will decide your fate. Every action or effect that has been taken by you will likely to make a change in your life. Having the knowledge of Bazi, you will be able to know ahead for taking pre-emptive actions as to avoid any bad consequences. This is what is meant by knowing Bazi that controls your own destiny of life.

Essence Of Bazi 八字論命要旨

    "四柱八字" 是以主人翁之出生年月日時, 化出 "四條柱" "八個天干地支" , 天干有十個: , , , , , , , , , ; 地支有十二個: , , , , , , , , , , , (例如 : 西曆1965811日晚上10, 翻查萬年曆, 便得:乙巳年, 甲申月, 丁酉日, 辛亥時)

    以日干(日元)之五行屬性, 與其他七個字之配合及五行 "生剋變化", 顧及天干地支之間的 "會合刑沖" 便可知道日元之旺衰; 以正五行之理(正格), 推算運程之吉凶: 日元強旺要行剋洩運為吉; 日元衰弱要行生助運為吉, 反之則凶.

    而 "正格" 以外, 又有 "特別格局"之存在, "棄命從財格" "專旺格" , 由於命局有異於正常而又符合特別要求, 故其行運之喜忌則有別於正常五行之理
在推算運程時, 因要把 "大運" "流年" 之天干地支也計算在內, 其間之" 五行生剋" " 會合刑沖" 變化很大且細緻, 每每論命者一不小心或功夫不到, 便有天壤之別     再加上每一個干支在命局中之位置, 例如緊貼日元與否, 對判斷日元之旺弱有著舉足輕重之力, 故就是八個字完全相同而配置不同之命局, 其間分別會有很大之差距

    在業內運用 "四柱八字" 祿命術大師之中, 大抵可分為兩派, 第一派是用 "正反五行學派", 即日元之 ", , , , , "; 而另一派更把陰陽五行(金水木火土)與日元之關係, 配上代號 (俗稱十神派), 名為 "十神", : 劫財, 比肩, 傷官, 食神, 正財, 偏財, 正官, 七殺, 正印, 偏印. 以此來代表環繞身邊的人或事, 在論斷時更為巨體及精細

    其中最重要及困難的是定 "格局", "用神",更有論命者在推算運程時, 加上 "神煞", 例如 "將星" "桃花" "華蓋"

    最後, 論命者更要對現代之民生情況, 社會背景道德標準, 有著深入之了解, 否則便把古代傳下來之口訣, 硬生生的搬到現代使用, 批命時每有不乎之現象; 例如古時女子有才學, 性格強硬, 但與丈夫, 子女, 父母之關係緣份不好, 可以說是一個壞的命造, 生活不會開心的; 但到現代, 這類女性, 只要運程好或不太差, 可以是一名女強人, 事業成功, 生活無懮, 只是感情生活不能滿足而已

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