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Learn each simple steps of realizing how you can design your home & offices with Feng Shui concept and prosper from it. Effective result to apply the right theory of Feng Shui based on Kua Number, Flying Stars Chart, Four Pillars, Bazi, 8 Mansion and more! It is all about Wind & Water (Feng Shui) strategy theory application.Try It Now! Best of all, it is free to learn this knowledge

Feng Shui fundamental concept about Bazi, Flying Stars, Kua Numbers, Directions & harmony in relationship

  • 主持人介紹
  • 紫微天地
  • 八字風雲
  • 風生水起
  • 知人口面
  • 易經天地
  • 簡易家相學
  • 奇門遁甲簡說
  • 改運工程
  • 王煬光術數園地


         王煬光 廣東人士, 出生於香港; 自少年時代即對中國之各種術數, 有著濃厚之興趣, 看遍了坊間所有術數之書籍, 但總不得要領, 在推算時常常不能得心應手.

            後來在種種機緣引領下, 有幸投入三元派大師 "劉啟治"師傅門下, 得其真傳;另又拜入其他大師門下, 得傳 "四柱八字" "紫微斗數"之真諦. 更且, 在佛緣指引下, 皈依 "密宗", 修持密法, 對人生無常變化, 以及陰陽兩界之因緣有更深入的了解.

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    To help people to realize the basic fundamental concept of Feng Shui in health, wealth and relationship for family members, friends and colleagues.

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    Kua Number makes perfect sense in Feng Shui's direction to change your life.

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    Enrich your knowledge with source of Feng Shui books and gain greater insights.

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